Inovalon Notes

Name: dwight.partner

PSW: " D _ _ 6 _ 6_ 8#"

Suppport telephone: (M-F) 8-5 - (855) 581-9452

I. Have patient sign in on Kiosk

II. Personal Health Visits are 45 minute

Personal Health Vistis Plus are 60 min.

III. Epic

1. Open a chart on epic for patient

2. If you want you can put in patient's physician--but do not give permssion to send information to the physician.

If prompted to "Notify physician" answer "NO"

3. Do NOT scan the patient's inusrance

4. The reason for the visit is: Invalon Personal Health visit:

5. In the special offer space write: "Invalon Personal Health"

6. Leave Epic visit on because it is timing the visit: but you will not need it until the end of the Visit--when you scan in the invalon Printed Chart-and then close the visit with logical sounding Orders and Closure

IV. E-PAss

1. Use a separate window (Do not try to link to EPass through Epic-it does not work)

2. Sing into E-Pass using your name and password

3. Find your patient's Name on the supplied list - if the name is not there, call M-F 8-5 pm 555-581-4452

4. click on your patient

5. verify all of your patient's information-includin patient physcian; and make corrections if necessary

6. There are 7 possible components to this Inovalon Assessement

7. Work through the 7 component in order

8. NOTE: The review of system is supposed to be opptional

9. NOTE: Prefventive Care is only done if it a "Personal Health visit Plus" visit = 60 minutes

10. NOTE: You must also put in ICD 10 codes


1. Subjective - complete

2. ROS/Physical Exam: Physical MUST be done--but ROS is supposedly optional

3. General: complete all questions


- Weairdly- start at the bottom of the page and work upward.

- Confirm or deny diagnosis that have been previously been made

- Then add any new diagnosis that are made

- If you can not find the proper diagnosis, go Back to the "ASSESSMENT AND PLAN" page and scroll to the bottom of the page - and then write free hand what the problem is

- Lab/vaccine Section - This is only the PLUS visit: If needed they will also be put in the EPIC chart.